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Mosquito Treatment

Sterling Control Program Options:

Sterling Pest Control Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Thane makes available program options to suit your needs. A scheduled service every week throughout mosquito season is a worry-free way to control mosquitoes. This service is a combination of spraying Larvicide, IRS and Thermal Fogging. We also offer one-time treatments which are carried out prior to events. These are completed 24-72 hours prior to the event for maximum effectiveness.

Program Features:

Sterling Pest Control Services Mumbai, Thane offer free residential and commercial estimates for our Mosquito Pest Control Program. A thorough inspection is carried out to identify mosquito breeding areas on the property and based on the findings a program is scheduled which is best suited for your property.

Services Offered:

  • Residential
    • Misting treatment carried out thrice inside the residential apartments, protects against the mosquito menance

  • Commertial
    • Constructional Sites: For larvae control and mosquito pest control service in constructional site for larvicidal treatment that meets the norms and the compliance of the local authorities, call us/write to us today
    • Servicing entire Mumbai city and its suburbs for these services
Sterling Pest control Mumbai Integrated Vector Management Program Focus Areas
  • Habitat Management
    • Vegetation Control
    • Site Improvements
  • Treatment Methods
    • Vegetation Control Treatment
    • Larval Mosquito Control Treatment
    • Adult Mosquito Control Treatment
Larval Mosquito Control: Larvicides used by Sterling PCS Mumbai, Thane are Government of India approved and registered.

Adult Mosquito Control: In all mosquito control programs, there are going to be times that will allow for a certain number of larvicide escapes. To control these adult mosquito populations, STERLING PCS Mumbai, Thane West is prepared and equipped to apply mosquito adulticides. Using ultra low volume application equipment (thermal or cold fogging), the STERLING PCS Mumbai - MAP professionals will treat areas.

Indoor Residual Spraying: In parking area, common premises from basement to top floor, Sterling PCS Mumbai professionals meticulously sprayed onto the walls and other surfaces in the interiors. The endophilic malaria vectors that rest inside the houses after taking a blood meal are killed when they come in contact with the insecticide and thus transmission of disease is prevented. Killing of adult female mosquitoes also results in a net reduction in mosquito population.

Source Reduction in Community Backyard
Adult flying mosquitoes often rest in tall grass and shrubbery, but they cannot develop there. All mosquitoes need water to complete their life cycle. Some mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water where they hatch in just a day or two. Other mosquitoes may lay their eggs in old tires, tin cans, potted plants or other water-holding containers. The eggs may remain un-hatched for weeks or even months until they are covered with water.


  • Do not throw utensils, vessels, buckets, tyres, bottles, tender coconut shells etc. in the open. All such things should be cleared during the rainy season
  • Get rid of old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or any water-holding containers
  • All tanks should be kept tightly closed
  • Terraces and roofs should ideally have a slope and adequate drainage for water, particularly in places where monsoon tends to be heavy
  • Fill in or drain any low places (puddles, ruts) in and around your home
  • Keep drains, ditches and culverts clean of weeds and trash so water will drain properly
  • Cover trash containers to keep out rain water
  • Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets
  • Empty plastic wading pool and store it indoors when not in use
  • Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete
  • Change the water in birdbaths and plant pots or drip trays at least once a week
  • Keep grass cut short and well trimmed around the house
  • At construction sites, the layer of water on the surface of the concrete, used for concrete curing, should be cleared at least once a week. All other puddles should be cleared regularly. Collections of water in the toilets and closets under construction should also be cleared
  • Unused wells and tanks should be closed or destroyed. Wells that are being used and ornamental tanks can be treated with biological larvicides that do not harm the quality of drinking water. Also, these wells should be covered with either mosquito-proof nets or with plastic sheets

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  • Aedes aegypti, is a mosquito that can spread dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika fever and other diseases.
  • The Dengue mosquito can be recognized by white markings on its legs and a marking in the form of a lyre on the upper surface of its thorax.
  • This Dengue mosquito originated in Africa, but is now found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.
  • Dengue mosquitoes most commonly feed at dusk and dawn, indoors, in shady areas, or when the weather is cloudy, they can bite and spread infection all year long and at any time of day.
  • The Dengue mosquitoes prefer to breed in areas of sluggish water, such as flower vases, uncovered barrels, buckets, and discarded tires, but the most dangerous areas are wet shower floors and toilet tanks, as they allow the mosquitoes to breed in the residence.
  • Mosquito control is the best method for Dengue, Zika, and Malaria prevention.
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Home pest control basics: Caulk holes or cracks, put copper mesh over large holes, seal holes around plumbing/piping, keep doors and windows screened, and remove clutter.

Pest control in the kitchen: Clean spills and store food in air-tight containers.

Pest control outside: Keep grass short, place plants away from exterior, and remove ivy. Remove debris that can provide protection and moisture that favors their abundance.
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